Bulk Seeds

Bulk Seeds

Welcome to our bulk cannabis seeds section for larger orders. Here you’ll find commercial growers’ favorite cannabis strains based upon quality and resistance to pests and parasites.

Original Strain Seeds meets the demands of bulk cannabis seeds purchasers, at-home weed growers, boutique weed growers and more all over the world. We are one of the first and oldest online shops that give all growers a chance to order more than 100 cannabis seeds at a time. We work with elite weed mother plants that grew from regular cannabis seeds.

Our mothers plants are selected of the highest weed quality and strength. They’ve won several cannabis cups and have stood the test of time: up to 20 years or more in some strains.

We are able to guarantee that our feminized cannabis seeds are very stable, very high quality and the rate of hermaphroditic mutations is, thus far, under 1%. We understand that what you want in a bulk seed supplier is an ability to trust.

Serving bulk cannabis seeds - History

Our mother company, BBG Projects, has been in operating in the cannabis industry since 2002. We are centered in unrestricted Catalonia, where we belong to a network of established legal cannabis breeders.

Bulk Cannabis Seeds customers range

From backyard growers to medical cannabis growers to commercial weed operations for extractions and medicinal raw material suppliers as well as cannabis cosmetics based products. With 14 years in the business, we can promise you that our excellent reputation is well earned. Just high-quality bulk cannabis seeds at prices you can afford. 

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