CBD Feminized

Feminized photoperiod cannabis seeds are guaranteed to produce female cannabis plants that bloom based upon light cycles rather than on how long the plant has been alive. Photoperiod seeds’ flowering cycle is triggered by a hormonal reaction that only takes place when plants sense their growing season is coming to a close. These seedlings can remain in vegetative growth indefinitely if left under light cycles of 18/6 or more hours per day.


If grown outside, plants need nothing more than water and occasional feeding to trigger flowering. If grown indoors, photoperiod seeds need light cycles to be set at 12/12 in order to induce flowering. When placed into flower, they will experience a period of very rapid growth for several days and then begin to make buds.


Feminized photoperiod seeds are excellent for growers who have no interest in breeding but have a high enough skill level to handle changing light cycles, nutritional needs and training. Feminized seeds will produce sensimillia, or seed free buds with potent a higher THC/CBD content than other types of cannabis seeds.


For high-production, non-breeding growers, bulk photoperiod feminized cannabis seeds are an excellent choice. Contact our customer service representatives to learn more about appropriate strains for your growing area.


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